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Hmm & I am Claiming

I think the moderator positions at BC2 are cursed. It seems like, with the obvious exception of our awesome creator whose username has changed so many times I find it hard to recall which one she is currently using (probably hiphopcorner), anyone who becomes a mod eventually steps down - often stepping out of the community as well. It's a strange phenomena and I suppose it most likely has something to do with Alien Probes or Indian Burial Grounds or something like that. Just an observation.

Either way - I'd like to claim Elliott Smith.
french rock

This is the sound of settling

It's with some regret that I have to make an announcement that I have been mulling over the last week or two.

I'm going to be stepping down from my mod position with this community. Furthermore I will be officially leaving the community as well.

Unlike with previous mods who have left, I'm not leaving because of lack of time in my schedule.
I've just gotten to the point where it's no longer as fun as when I joined. That coupled with the fact that I no longer use Livejournal are the major reasons.

It's been evident the last month or so that the community is on a major downswing. While participation has been quite steady recently, the moderator situation has been quite sketchy at best. I hate that I'm joining the ranks of former mods who left because this will clearly compound the problem. However, as I mentioned, it's no longer fun so I'm going to leave now and let someone step in that wants the position more.

It's a shame it's gotta end this way...but, I'm just not motivated anymore.

That being said, let the free for all for my claims commence

Matthew Good Band
Dave Grohl
Damien Rice
Roxanne Potvin
Rilo Kiley
Tegan Quin
Taylor Hawkins
Elliott Smith
Jack Johnson
Scott Weiland
Sonic Youth
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Alright. Who knew Honor Band practice would be so late last night, and be so long today? So sorry about the trivia being late. There are two categories with 3 questions each, and each question will have their own point value. There are 50 bonus points if you get them all right. (I threw in a bonus too!)

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Scavenger Hunt

Behind the will be 10 things you need to find pictures of. As usual, all yea got to do is find them all and post a reply with links to said pics. Of course, same rules as always:

-Only one reply per person.
-NO hot-linking...please use a service such as photobucket to link your image.
-Also please post pictures that are big enough to clearly see...if it's debatable whether the pic is what was asked for...then sadly we can't give point out...

Anyways...HERE WE GO!

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