It's time for me to leave this community folks. Here's the claims I had:

Beautiful Chaos
Blue October
Final Drive
Finger Eleven
Justify The Means
Lacuna Coil
The Mile After
Smile Empty Soul
Ten Years

[TXF] Mulder - You'll Scare The Monster

OK This Is Who I Want......



Well I'd like to claim Yellowcard's violinist Sean Mackin (because well the violin kicks ass) and Adam Clayton U2's bassist (my fellow U2 fans grabed every one else and he was looking lonely plus he's just totally awesome).

Thank You,


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Hey BC2,
I've been on this community once before, I must say that it was an absolute blast! Its good to back, and participating again :).

I am using my first claim to snatch Lamb of God .

Thanks :)
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but i'm a superstitious man.


I asked this in my journal, but I'm just curious to see different answers..

What is the best guitar solo in your opinion?

I don't mean to sound cliche, but I obsess over Jimmy Page solos.
He's just my favorite.
But I do like Chuck Berry, Johnny Ramone, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Perry, Angus Young, Jerry Garcia, Keith Richards, Jeff get it.
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So while I try to figure out what to do with the community, let's play a mini-game!

The point of this game is to see how many times everyone can spell the Alphabet with an artist's name. So, I'll start off with:

The next person has to post a comment with an artist's name that starts with a B.
Then, the person after that has to post a comment with an artist's name that starts with a C.
Etc, etc.

Once we get to Z, start over with A. :)

There are 4 simple rules to this:
1. You cannot post more than one comment in a row. So, if you post an artist that starts with W, you can't post an artist that starts X, but you can post one that starts with Y when someone else posts an X one.
2. You can use a band, singer, or rapper; however, if you use a certain band, you can't post separate members of that band for a different letter. For example, if you say Nirvana for N, you can't post Kurt Cobain for K or C.
3. The person who posts the most comments will get 500 points. Second place gets 250, third gets 100. Anyone who participates gets 50 points.
4. No repeating an artist!!! That's the biggest rule, and I forgot to put that earlier. lol.

Good luck, everyone! :)
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